Google Penguin: The Algorithm Aims to Fight Back Web Spamming SEO Practices

Google stands firm to fight back black hat SEO practices. It vows not to let its search results spammed with egregious and crap contents. To reach its mission, Google has introduced the Penguin algorithm.

Google stands firm to fight back black hat SEO practices. It vows not to let its search results spammed with egregious and crap contents. To reach its mission, Google has introduced the Penguin algorithm. With the introduction of the Penguin, tracking system to distinguish 'black hat web-spamming practices' from 'white hat practices' would further be bolstered in the aftermath of the Panda update.

There are several SEO shortcuts and methods that help rank undeserving web pages higher. This might not work anymore. An aquatic, flightless and feathery bird of Antarctica has been brought out to keep watch on search engine optimization activities. It would keep a tab over whether the websites are using original contents that can provide great user experience, using lesser amounts of industry jargons and fulfilling information needs of users.

5 Prime Roles of the Penguin:

i) Stop aggressive black hat web-spam tactics to manipulate search engines

ii)Scrutinize originality of website contents and promote high-quality contents

iii)Increase ranking of those pages that provide a great user experience

iv)Look if the sites are using too many industry jargons

v)Give higher ranks to faster sites with better crawl-ability

Post-Penguin Scenario & Webmaster's Role:

Penguin would reward higher quality sites with greater search visibility and reduce the rankings of those sites with cheap contents. Linking tactics to pages with 'no relevant information' would no longer be able to influence search engine mechanisms after the arrival of the Penguin.

That is why webmasters are asked to present those contents (both image-contents and text-contents) that are nearer to the understanding of the common users. They need to cease themselves from appeasing search engine algorithms. The contents that users find friendly and useful need to be used in the web pages instead. Penguin would penalize the sites which contain fake and copied contents and allow manipulative search engine optimization practices.

Post-Penguin Apprehension:

Post-Panda scenario fuelled an apprehension of an ensuing end of the search engine optimization industry. Then, Penguin came. It aggravated the fear further. Many of the SEO professionals started to think that Google was out to put an end to the SEO industry altogether, thereby finishing SEO as a career-line.

Honestly speaking, this big brother of search engine community (as per the numbers of web searchers) has no such intention at all. What's intended is that optimization professionals must ensure the elimination of all types of 'black hat practices', such as extensive keyword stuffing and link manipulations.

Google instructs the webmasters not to try to manipulate and mislead its algorithm texture. Rather, they should focus to improve the usability of their sites, create original contents and build faster sites. In doing so, both web users and search engines would get greater user experiences. Page ranks would then automatically get improved.


The intention of Google is now very clear. It has no ill-feeling against SEO altogether. What webmasters are asked to follow are the terms of service of this search engine that plainly speak of allowing 'white hat' optimization practices only. If it becomes successful in achieving its mission, it would definitely be good for common web users because they would then land directly and quickly on those web pages that have truly relevant information they have been browsing for. It would also increase the user experience of using Google as a search medium optimally. So, when this is the focus and it is all about enhancing the quality of the search results, it is also a responsibility of the optimization professionals to extend their cooperation in this regard. uses only white hat SEO methods. The optimization consultants of this company believe that this method may take time to increase the page ranking of web pages. But what this method helps to achieve is just awesome, because such page ranks stay much longer than those achieved through black hat methods.

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