Intro & kick-off

My biohacking journey begins. Get to know reasons behing my story and motivation.

Hello world.

Since I'm not very much into writing, I'll to keep this (and the upcoming updates as well) short and to-the-point.

Welcome to my "biohacking diary". I might be addressing you, but I'm still writing all this more for myself.

To keep track, archive my notes and hopefully see some progress. And for some reason, all this would be in English (two birds, one stone?), so excuse possible mis-phrasing etc.


Never underestimate the power of rock bottom.

I heard this sentence while I was randomly researching benefits of a good night's sleep. That's actually a nice way of introducing my motivation behind all this.

I don't live a particularly super-healthy lifestyle. I developed quite a lof of bad habits and behavioural patterns, that aren't good for me. So what's wrong?

  • I lack energy (compared to my peers) > I don't do any sports
  • don't exactly sleep well - I hardly remember last sleep, after which I woke up nice and refreshed.. > I'm going to sleep hour(s) after midnight
  • some difficulties with processing food, feelings of heavy stomach.. > bad diet, eating late, eating sweets..
  • and to top it all of, weird whirpools of thoughts in my head > I don't care about myself mentally, don't know how to relax
  • I feel really grumpy quite often > probably combination of all of these

I'm ashamed to say how long it took me to acknowledge all these and finally decide that it's time to do something with it. As you see, I know what should change. But you gotta do the first step, and mainly persist.

And that's also when I found out:


A fancy word for self-experimenting with different "approaches" of lifestyle (mainly nutrition, sleep etc.)

Self-experimenting. After all, everybody is unique and this certainly isn't a case of one-size-fits-all.

And that's - in short - how all this started. I will probably get more in depth once engaging each of these bad habits along the way - no need to pour my heart out on the first page, right?

..and mainly - it's already again hour past midnight and I'm still staring into the screen.

So good night!